Features We're Cooking Up For You!

Feedback Area

Click here to give us feedback regarding our Future Magic, including other items you would like to see us add to our list for you.

Change the Number of Servings

Change the number of servings for any recipe and the amount of ingredients will adjust accordingly.

What Can I Make?

Given a list of ingredients from your pantry, see all of the recipes you could make.

Similar Recipes

Show similar recipes to the one currently being viewed so you can choose which one you like best.

Android / IPhone / IPad Apps

Provide custom MyRecipeMagic applications for your Droid, IPhone or IPad device.

Chef Rating System

Rate Chefs based on their recipes.

User Training Video

Short videos to show the cool features of MyRecipeMagic and how to use them.

Magic Button – WordPress Widget

A widget for our Chefs to automatically add the Magic Button to the recipes on their WordPress site.

Personal Magic (Artificial Intelligence)

Teach the system to learn about a specific User’s likes, dislikes, and dietary boundaries, then allow them to only see recipes that fit their special dietary or other requirements.

Shopping List Pricing

Work with retailers to give pricing for food items on your shopping list.