Creamy Skillet Pasta Recipe

  • Creamy Skillet Pasta Recipe

I was craving some pasta recently and definitely was not looking appealing enough to head out anywhere, so I rummaged through my pantry and fridge and this beautiful pasta was born. It tasted absolutely amazing and tamed my crazy pasta eating urges....for awhile at least!

Creamy Skillet Pasta Recipe

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16    ounces    bowtie pasta
1    tablespoon    olive oil
1    onion ( finely minced )
2    teaspoons    garlic ( minced )
14 1/2    ounces    tomatoes ( canned, diced )
26    ounces    pasta sauce
1    cup    half and half
1    tablespoon    italian seasoning
1/2    cup    parmesan cheese, shredded



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