Grammy Taylor's Ham Loaf

  • Grammy Taylor's Ham Loaf
  • Grammy Taylor's Ham Loaf

Funny thing is, we all hated Grammy's meatloaf, but absolutely loved her ham loaf. I think it is kind of a local thing, most people have never heard of ham loaf. Give it a try it is really good.

Grammy Taylor's Ham Loaf


2 pounds honey smoked ham ( ground )
1 pound pork ( ground )
2 eggs
1 cup saltine crackers ( crushed )
3/4 cup milk
to taste salt
to taste black pepper


Mix all ingredients for loaf well.

Shape into a loaf or little loaves, making an indentation in the middle of each to help hold some of the sauce.


We sometimes add a 10 oz can of crushed pineapple and a pinch of cloves to the sauce.


brown sugar 1/2    teaspoon    dry mustard
1/2    cup    vinegar
1/2    cup    water

Pour sauce over the loaves and cook in 350 degree oven for about an hour.
We sometimes bake with pineapple slices on top.




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  1. Posted by Patti T. at

    Thank you, I think?

  1. Posted by Latami at

    Wow! Talk about a psontig knocking my socks off!

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