Avocado Spinach Chapati (Roti)


Simple and nutritious Avocado Spinach Chapati (Roti or Phulka) recipe for super soft, puffy and healthy round Indian flat breads. Avocado Chapati and Spinach Chapati are both popular recipes, but this Avocado Spinach Chapati recipe incorporates both in one. Avocados make chapati buttery soft, while spinach adds the essential nutrients. This is a great way to add both avocado and spinach into your daily diet. Once you start eating these avocado spinach chapati, you'll never go back to your simple plain chapati or roti.

200 gram ( 200 gm Multigrain Flour 2 cups Plus extra for dusting )
100 gram ( 100 gm Avocado 1 Ripe avocado peeled and smashed )
100 gram ( 100 gm Spinach 3 1/2 cups approximately )
1/2 tablespoon ( 1/2 tsp Salt )
1/2 cup ( 1/2 cup Water )
2 tablespoon ( 2 tsp Ghee apply on rotis )


Avocado Spinach Chapati Recipe