Bindaetteok Chewy Potato Pancakes


Bindaetteok, savory pancakes, are a huge part of Korean cuisine. I grew up eating different versions of it and count potato pancakes and kimchi pancakes some of my all time favorite dishes. I have never been a huge fan of potatoes but what I love about this pancake version is the chewy texture with the crunchy edges. It also helps that this pancake is made using only two ingredients: potatoes and onions. Key to the chewy texture is in separating the starch from the 'potato liquid'. Once you blend the potatoes, take the time to separate the chunks out from the liquid by putting it through a strainer. Once you have the liquid mixture, carefully pour out the liquid that floats to the top, preserving the white starch (it will be slightly thicker in consistency and will sink to the bottom). The white starch gets added back into the blended potatoes, giving it a lovely chewy texture.

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