Instant Pot Chili

2 tsp olive oil
2 lbs ground beef ( I use 90% lean )
1 onion ( finely diced )
1 1/2 tsp minced garlic
28 ounce can diced tomatoes ( do not drain )
3 8 ounce cans of tomato sauce
3/4 cup beef broth
2 tbsp chili powder
2 tsp ground cumin
2 tsp smoked paprika
2 tsp cocoa powder
1 tsp granulated sugar
1 1/2 tsp kosher salt
3/4 tsp ground pepper
15 ounce can kidney beans ( drained and rinsed )
15 ounce can pinto beans ( drained and rinsed )
Assorted toppings ( such as shredded cheese, tomatoes, green onions and sour cream )
  • Turn your Instant Pot to Saute, then select More. Add the olive oil to the pot. Add the meat and cook until browned, breaking up the beef with a spatula as you stir.
  • Add the onion and cook for ...
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39% DV

51% DV

131% DV

28% DV

115% DV

Turkey Noodle Soup Recipe


This is a recipe for a stress-free homemade turkey noodle soup. It is hearty, filling and delicious. Everything you ever want your soup to be. The recipe is simplified by using store bought chicken broth and leftover turkey.

  • Step 1. In a pot sauté carrots, onion, and celery in oil for about 10 minutes over a medium heat
  • Step 2. Add broth, soup, turkey and bay leaves. Increase heat to high ...
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Oxtail Soup Recipe


This slow cooker oxtail stew is a real treat. It is rich and extra flavorful soup filled with hearty vegetables and beans, fall -apart succulent beef pieces and aromatic Caribbean inspired spices. And making it in a slow cooker is a no-brainer, it basically cooks itself.

  • Step 1. Season oxtails and sauté in oil on hight heat for about 5 minutes on each side or until browned, drain excess oil if necessary
  • Step 2. Add onions, green onions, ...
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This is a recipe for your old-fashioned chicken noodle soup with a little modern spin. The twist is in the method of cooking this soup. We are going to cook it in an instant pot, which makes it a great weeknight friendly meal.

  • Step 1. Turn your instant pot to sauté setting . Add olive oil and butter. Add onions, carrots, celery. Cook for about 5 minutes
  • Step 2. Pour in chicken stock and water, ...
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Butternut squash is an ultimate fall vegetable, with its nutty, earthy, sweet flavor. It becomes beautifully caramelized when roasted and that is where most of the soup's flavor comes from.

  • Step 1. Preheat the oven to 425 F and line baking sheet with foil. Place butternut squash halves on the pan and drizzle with oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cook for about 45-50 minutes or until ...
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Sweet Potato Soup Recipe


Packed with nutrients, sweet potatoes are healthy and colorful addition to any meal. They are true stars in this soup. Blended with carrots, a hint of curry powder and chicken broth they truly create a scrumtious soup.

  • Step 1. In a pot sauté onions in butter for about 10 minutes, add curry powder and cook for 1 more minute
  • Step 2. Add carrots, sweet potatoes and chicken broth. Bring to ...
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