Chicken Sandwich 🥘


I love a delicious sandwich for lunch and this home cooked chicken sandwich recipe is definitely one of my favorites. This simple meal in-a-flesh can be created using basic ingredients: sautéed chicken infused with garlic and spices, and mixed with finely chopped red pepper and onion, mayonnaise, and special herb blend.

  • Step 1. Butter the bread and toast on the pan until golden brown.
  • Step 2. Add oil to the pan and sauté garlic until fragrant. Season chicken and add to the pan about...

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Cafe Rio Sweet Pork Recipe


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Cafe Rio has amazing recipes and this Cafe Rio sweet pork recipe is a perfect summer recipe. It is a nice change from your traditional salad recipe, and has the best flavor profiles.  Cafe Rio sweet pork recipe from Six Sisters is a recipe that you will enjoy and make again and again. What I ...

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