Chicken spinach balls with feta

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Chicken spinach balls with feta is an easy and surprising snack to jump into the next year. It has only a few ingredients that can be mixed in no time. Moreover it can be prepared perfectly in advance, so that you do not need to spend the whole evening in the kitchen.

Last summer I made a similar recipe, based on fish: fishballs with cilantro. You may decide to make both of them and serve them with a sweet chilli sauce. I like the fishballs in summer because the are very refreshing. But with Sylvester they are also fine. For this recipe I prefer chicken or poultry mince, as it gives more room to the spinach and the spices.

I had some leftovers of chicken mince and spinach, and was thinking what to do with it. Quite fast I was thinking of doing something similar to the fishballs. On an Australian blog "Feed me healthy" I found the idea to add some feta to it. this Greek cheese with a pinch of salt fits perfectly to the chicken mince and spinach.

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