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Colcannon. What the heck is colcannon? Those were my thoughts exactly this week when I was trying to decide what to make in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day! Well, all I can say is that the …

If you like fish, I'm sure you would enjoy a nice fish pie from time to time as much as we do….. I don't see why not, it is light, it is healthy and truly yummy.

500 g fish mixed white fish, salmon, smoked haddock cubed
1 onion (organic)
1 leek (organic)
1/2 courgette (organic) chopped
Handful kale (organic) optional finely or roughly chopped
2 medium potatoes (organic) or large
1 small sweet potato (organic)
150 g green beans
2 small carrots (organic)
2 stalks celery
200 ml coconut milk or milk
100 ml double cream
2 tbsp creme fraiche full fat
1 tsp Salt
1 tbsp olive oil ( Or 1 tsp butter )
pepper (ground)
1/6 tsp nutmeg (grated)
thyme a few springs, fresh
parsley or chives (or both) to decorate

1. Put some water in a pot and boil the potatoes for five minutes, just to get them started. Not the sweet potatoes though. Leave aside until ready to use them.
2. In a separate pot maybe a deeper frying ...
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32% DV

158% DV

13% DV

8% DV

31% DV

If there were ever a packet of biscuits that I could demolish, then it would definitely have to be a 'Mint Slice'! They are a biscuit, with a white creme layer and then covered in dark chocolate, they are heaven. Thanks to this great 'Thin Mint's' recipe I was able to find, we were able to enjoy a good ol' mint slice again! I changed the thin mint's recipe slightly to be more mint slice inspired, by exchanging Cocoa powder for Coconut flour in order to keep the biscuit light and added some peppermint extract to the biscuit base to really give you that mint sensation.


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