Creamy Delicious Grape Salad


I was thinking about the holiday coming up and wanted to make something light and refreshing to bring to our family gathering. I wanted it to be easy as well, something you could make and forget about till you needed it. This was perfect! I halved the recipe for Paul and I to try first before I made it for family. I made one change to accommodate my husband. After I mixed the ingredients together for the "dressing" that would be mixed with the grapes I decided to forego putting the brown sugar and pecans on top of the grape salad as the recipe called for. I liked the dressing and the sweetness of it mixed with the grapes just the way it was. I know my husband…with the brown sugar on top, it would not have been something he would have enjoyed. I put the pecans in with the grapes and the dressing. The brown sugar on top was the only thing I omitted.

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