Crispy Bread Pakoda | King of Pakoda


Hello everyone again cooks with budgett back with their simply easy yet tasty recipes and today the weather is so nice, and bahut din hogaye the ek aachi si champi ke liye, champi toh bnti hai na phir and my partner in joy is Emami hair oil which consist of precious elements which are good for hairs and make your head light-weight and

Today we came up with a recipe on bread pakora those golden shimmers,crispy, delightful pakora everyone should try it. So let's get started.

We will start with healthy brown bread as health shouldn't be compromised and brown bread complements good enough after that cut diagonally into slices and kept aside with our mashed potatoes which we prepared :
we will as a recommendation like you to be ready with chopped coriander leaves, green chillies in the mashed potatoes to make the pakoras more tasteful which your tongue will never like to forget:
Ajwain brings a good aroma and an amazing taste to the dish and its good effect starts coming into play which is easiness in digestion but you can choose to skip it:
Aloo Bread Pakoda, we gonna need the star ingridient which is potato filling to stuff inside the bread slices: