Crunchy Unfried Ice Cream


Since I like to cook with my kids, I wanted to find a way to make one of our favorites, Fried Ice Cream, without worrying about one of the children getting burned with hot oil. So, we came up with this Crunchy UNFRIED Ice Cream recipe instead! It has the same crunchy coating over a creamy ice cream center with the same added touches that transform it into a decadent dessert, but no frying involved. The recipe is so simple, and since you don’t have to stand over a deep fryer, it’s the perfect dessert for hot, summer days.

Cafe Rio Sweet Pork Recipe


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Cafe Rio has amazing recipes and this Cafe Rio sweet pork recipe is a perfect summer recipe. It is a nice change from your traditional salad recipe, and has the best flavor profiles.  Cafe Rio sweet pork recipe from Six Sisters is a recipe that you will enjoy and make again and again. What I ...

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