Cute Easter Oreo Chicks Cookie Recipe


Easter Oreo Chicks are adorable yellow treats made with store-bought Oreo cookies. This simple Easter cookie will delight children and only takes minutes to make. These cute little Easter cookies only require two main ingredients plus the items for the baby chick’s face. Chicks are always a hit around Easter. Springtime is synonymous with new life and baby chicks abound. Children will enjoy helping you make these baby chick cookies. These cute Easter cookies work great bagged in individual cellophane bags and tied with ribbons. They can be handed out at school celebrations or church functions.

Cafe Rio Sweet Pork Recipe


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Cafe Rio has amazing recipes and this Cafe Rio sweet pork recipe is a perfect summer recipe. It is a nice change from your traditional salad recipe, and has the best flavor profiles.  Cafe Rio sweet pork recipe from Six Sisters is a recipe that you will enjoy and make again and again. What I ...

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