Dry Fruits laddu Recipe


Dry fruits laddu Recipe-Generally dry fruits laddu are very nutritious' and easy to making anywhere anytime, However our Dry fruits Laddu Recipe is Sugar free and kids friendly too. Dry fruits is really mind blowing recipe,Thus this recipe is very energetic and nutritious. This dry fruit ladoo is also taken mainly at morning breakfast time. Dry fruits are very healthy for our continuing life, in today word People who are not having enough time to eat healthy food because of their Working, then this dry fruits are very important to them in their basic routine life, This laddus are very easy to make and effectively to eat at winter time, our laddu is best For all different age of the peoples whether they are kids our adult. This ladoo are contain dietary fibers like calcium, magnesium and potassium which are good for health.

Ingredients which we have used in our recipe is very nutrish and easy available anywhere,hence you can also add your dry fruits according to your choice which you Thinks that it is should also be added.