Fruit Trifle...


Note: No matter how well it is set, it is too difficult to cut a perfect slice for serving. It will get messy. Best to serve by removing portions in the presence of guests and family.

Sponge Cake or Tea Cake. Made at home or store bought. I used store bought sponge cake.
Custard - Plain or Vanilla flavor. Made at home from scratch or using custard powder or ready made custard. I used ready made vanilla custard.
Jelly - Any flavor, made using package instructions. I made strawberry jelly.
Cream - Whipping cream or spreadable cream. I whipped cream.
Fruits - Any fruit combination of your choice cut into small pieces. Avoid bananas and similar fruits that turn totally mushy. You can also use canned fruit cocktail in syrup. I used canned fruits.
Syrup - Here are various syrups you can use.
1. A simple sugar syrup made by boiling sugar and water.
2. Syrup made by adding boiling water to some jam and making it thin
3. Syrup from canned fruits if using canned fruits.
4. Add sugar to the fresh diced fruits and let them sit in the fridge for a few hours. Use that syrup.
1. Keep the cake, custard, jelly, fruits and syrup ready. 2. You can either set the trifle in one big tall serving dish like I did or set as individual servings in smaller tall bowls or glasses. 3. First...
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