Grilled Chicken Thighs πŸ₯˜


Grilled chicken thighs are perfect summer barbecue meal. Crispy, bursting with flavors chicken thighs are juicy and tender, and oh so tasty. Marinated in a homemade run and liquid smoke the thighs are irresistibly flavorful and delicious.

  • Step 1. Mix the spices to create homemade rub.
  • Step 2. Cut the bottom part of the chicken thighs lengthwise with a few slits for the marinade to get inside the...

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Who doesn’t love home cooked meals? You know the kind I’m talking about. The kind grandma used to make. This last week we were able to celebrate our Grandma Virginia. She was the BEST cook! Especially around the holidays! Can you relate? Who is the amazing home cook in your family? There is nothing quite ...

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