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Grilled chicken with mushroom sauce on the bed of pasta

Staying healthy all the time is all about eating healthy. If you are tired of boring salads then this perfect recipe is right here for you. Give it a try and thank me later :P

Chicken breast 1
Pasta 100g
Butter 50g
Flour 2tbls
Milk 1 ½ cup
Mushrooms 10
Ginger 1tbls
Garlic 1tbls
Lemon 1
Vinegar 4tbls
Soya sauce 4tbls
Hp sauce 4tbls
Chili sauce 3tbls
Chicken stock 1 cup
Oregano 1 pinch
Salt as per your taste
Pepper as per your taste
For Grilled Chicken • Take a small bowl with chicken breast in it. • Season both sides of the chicken with salt and pepper. • Add crushed ginger and garlic. • Squeeze one lemon and mix all ingredients together to make sure your chicken breast is nicely coated. • Keep it aside for good 2 hours. Mushroom sauce • Take a small sauce pan and keep it one medium heat. • Add butter and let it melt. • Once your butter is nicely melted, add 2tbls of flour. • Mix it well until you get nice paste. • Now add 1 cup of boiling milk in it. • Stir it well to make sure there are no lumps in it. • Nicely slice six of your mushrooms and add them in the sauce. • Add salt and pepper as your taste. • Mix it well. For pasta: • Take a medium sized pan and add 3 cups of water in it. • Wait for water to boil. • Now add your pasta in it and give it a nice stir. • Once your pasta is boiled, drain water out of it. • Put it under cold water tab for 1 minute. • Let the water drain. • Now add 1 tbls of oil and mix your pasta well to make sure it isn’t sticking. • Take another pan and add 1tbls of olive oil in it. • Add crushed garlic and sauté it for 30 seconds. • Now add pasta in it. • Add vinegar, soya sauce, hp sauce and chili sauce. • Mix it well. • Now add 1 cup chicken stock and let it boil. • Once bubbles starts appearing, add salt, pepper and oregano. • Mix it well. Time to grill your chicken • Take a grill pan and plan it on medium heat. • Add few drops on olive oil in it. • Now gently place your chicken breast on the grill pan. • Wait for good 3-4 minutes and turn to the other side. • Wait for another 3-4 minutes before dishing out your grilled chicken. Take a single person serving dish and add generous amount of pasta on it. Gently place your grilled chicken breast on the bed of pasta. Pour your mushroom sauce on the chicken breast. Your yummy healthy chicken with pasta is ready to serve.


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