Jangtteok Savory Gochujang Pancakes


It was pouring rain in New York last week which made me crave pancakes. I don't know why, but Koreans love having pancakes on a rainy day and growing up my family was no exception. Gochujang pancake, also known as 'jangtteok', has just the right amount of spicy flavor (if you aren't using our gochujang, make sure you check the spice level and adjust accordingly) and the addition of doenjang gives an earthy flavor that grounds the spice. You can essentially make this pancake with whichever vegetables you may have in your fridge, but make sure the vegetable you use are sliced thin or diced fine so that it will cook quickly. I do recommend seeking out Chinese chives and perilla leaves from your local Asian grocer if you can as they are the star of this dish.

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