Lighter Homemade German Käsespätzle (Cheese Spaetzle)


Käsespätzle (cheese spaetzle) is one of my favorite German comfort foods. Each German dish comes to me with a special memory. I was always excited the day when kaesespaetzle was on the menu at the workplace's kantine. Lunch time in Germany always comes with the greeting "Mahlzeit". It took me long to understand what it means 😃. The lunch atmosphere at the workplace pantry was from the most interesting experiences I had.

So getting back to the yummy spätzle. It is the German version of Mac and Cheese, but in my opinion way tastier. The dish is prepared by alternating layers of spätzle "egg noodles dumpling", caramelized onions and Swiss cheese, which is afterwards baked to perfection. The taste combination is magical. Sehr Lecker 👌

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