Mini Delish Swedish Cinnamon Buns (Kanelbullar)


Happy Kanelbullen dag!

Anyone who has been to Sweden, or has even been to Ikea knows about Kanelbullar (Cinnamon buns). In Sweden, the cinnamon smell of these buns just fills every supermarket or café, and are a popular part of every Swedish Fika.

The Swedes love this bun that they celebrate the national cinnamon bun day "Kanelbullen dag" on the 4th of October.

These buns are quite different from their American counterparts in the shape, topping and even the dough. The Swedish bun dough typically contains cardamom, shaped into a knot and finally topped with pearled sugar rather than icing.

I prepared a lighter healthier version with a few simple swaps. Enjoy it guilt-free with your favorite hot drink