Miso Buttered Pasta with Sugar and Spice Salmon


Pasta tossed in a silky miso butter sauce, with sautéed shiitake mushrooms, bitter greens, and miso roasted carrots, then topped with flaky sugar and spice coated salmon.This elegant, umami rich dish tastes like something you'd expect from a fine dining restaurant, but comes together in about 35 minutes. Get the recipe: https://alittleandalot.com/miso-buttered-pasta-salmon/

Broccoli Apple Salad Recipe


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Does anyone else always feel so lost when they are asked to bring a side dish to any kind of potluck or party? I seem to browse the internet for hours looking for something delicious yet still a little healthy. Well good news, I have finally found my go-to! We love bringing this Broccoli Apple ...

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