Pecan Pear Tart


I enjoy stepping out of my baking comfort zone and trying something new. I found this recipe for Pear Pecan Tart recipe on a recipe site called The Baking Pan. Pears and pecans nestled in a custard filing while lying on a bed of shortbread type crust. My kind of dessert. When I start thinking about a fruit recipe like this my mind starts to wander as to what other fruit could be substituted for the pears. Apples would be the next logical choice. But how about peaches? Peaches, pecans and custard? Or blueberries? If I used peaches, I'd drain them after I peeled them ,took the pit out and sliced them. Draining them first would keep the peach juices from thinning the custard. This tart was excellent in every way imaginable. The flavor combinations fit together perfectly.

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