Pina Colada Cupcakes – A Kitchen Hoor's Adventures

These Pina Colada Cupcakes are flooded with pineapple and coconut flavor. And they're healthy-ish, too! Apparently I'm on this kick where I make cocktails into desserts...cupcakes to be exact.  First, it was Mojito.  Now it's Pina Colada.  Strawberry Daiquiri?  Caiprinhi?  Margarita?  Who knows what's going to be next. We hit the liquor store on Friday and I can't help but buy the small bottles to cook and bake with.  They're the perfect size!!  Aren't they?  I think so.  A swig or two for you and the rest goes into what you're making.  Right?  Or is that just me?  Hello? FINALLY

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You have just found your new favorite family dessert with this caramel pumpkin poke cake! This recipe will produce the most moist pumpkin cake you’ll have ever had.  Since the holidays are coming up, oftentimes pumpkin pie is a great dessert to serve, however not everyone enjoys pie. So, consider serving this alongside it so ...

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