Pork and Garlic Chives


Garlic chives, also known as Chinese chives, are not as commonly used in the U.S but used quite often in Asian cuisine. Not only is it tasty and easy to cook, it is also known to stimulate appetite, aid the digestive system, have diuretic properties, and promote blood circulation. I personally love it for its subtle garlicky flavor and its texture as it cooks. If you have trouble finding garlic chives, you can substitute with scallions (try to use ones that are thinner) but you should be able to locate it in your local Asian market. If you are able to, I recommend giving them a try. They are delicious!

I love Artisan Fermentary's 3 year aged soy sauce for this dish. It has a funkiness that will remind you of Thai fish sauce and paired with the sugar, it creates this delicious flavor, similar to what you will taste in some Thai dishes.

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