Pork Steaks Made From Pork loin


Pork steak… is it even worth it? I mean, whenever someone mentions a steak we all tend to think about beef. And even though beef steaks are the best, it’s also the most pricey option. But did you know you can make a great steak from a much more affordable cut of pork?

  • Clean or trim the pork loin if needed, to make sure the meat is clean and ready to work with. Keep the thin layer of fat on.
  • Cut the loin into individual pork steaks, these should be around...
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Fish Baja Tacos {15 Minutes!}


Baja Fish Tacos are tortilla shells stuffed with fish and topped with pico de gallo and the perfect cilantro ranch dressing. This taco is an explosion of flavor.

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Fish Baja Tacos are a quick and easy dinner that is packed with fresh flavor. Tender white fish with a flavorful sauce is a soft tortilla.