Shish Kebobs – a Tasty Delight


Assemble this Build-Your-Own Shish Kebabs recipe from Spinning Grillers by skewering marinated chicken, steak, shrimp and veggies before grilling.

2 pounds of sirloin flat meat:
Salt and pepper to taste:
1 large lemon and its zest:
3 garlic cloves crushed:
3 tbs. of finely diced parsley:
6 tbs. of extra virgin olive oilAnd the star of the show::
4 tsp. of Ras el Hanout:
2 tsp. each of cumin, Spanish paprika, and black pepper:
½ tsp. each of cinnamon and ginger:
¼ tsp. each of turmeric and cayenne pepper:

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