Sweet Homemade Honey Butter


This honey butter is perfectly sweet and it's easier to make than you might think! This is also fun to make, especially if you have kids to help you out . A perfect finishing touch on toast, muffins, anything you would normally spread with regular butter! Because you might not use flavored butter often, this recipe has been written to make just a small batch that will be easy to use up. But if you need more, feel free to double the recipe.

1/2 cup heavy cream
2 Tablespoons honey
a pinch of salt
In a one quart mason jar, combine all ingredients. Place a lid and rim on the jar. Now start shaking! Depending on how vigorously you shake the jar, it will take approximately 15 minutes. First your mixture is going to get very thick like whipped cream - just keep shaking! Your arms will probably get very tired, that's why this is a good recipe to make with a friend, your partner, or your kids - everyone can take turns shaking the mason jar. If you are alone when making it though and your arms get tired, give them a little break for a minute if necessary but try not to leave it too long. Eventually you will notice that the mixture will start to sound a little watery as you shake. That's what you've been waiting for! That sound means that the buttermilk has separated from the solids, and you now have homemade butter! At this point, pour the contents of the mason jar into a fine mesh strainer over a large bowl to let the liquid drain away from the butter. Just let it sit for a few minutes so gravity can do it's job. There will still be some buttermilk in the butter, do gently knead and squeeze the butter into a ball with your hand to help remove any excess buttermilk still hanging around. Put your freshly made butter into a small container with a lid and store it in the fridge for up to two weeks. Or use it right away while it's fresh and soft. Up to you! This recipe yields approximately 1/4 cup (or 4 tablespoons) of butter = 12 one teaspoon servings.


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