Sweet Potato Dinner Rolls


Sweet Potato Dinner Rolls are so very fluffy, soft and delicious! The recipe was extremely easy to make. I had sweet potatoes from our garden to make these, you can also use canned sweet potatoes, but I would strongly urge you to use fresh sweet potatoes. One small potato peeled, cut up, boiled and mashed will give you the half cup sweet potato you'll need for the recipe. Adding mashed sweet potatoes to the dough isn't going to make the rolls taste like sweet potatoes. Adding potatoes to any bread or roll recipe adds flavor. Potatoes are made up of mostly starch which turns into sugar. Yeast loves sugar! The yeast eats up the sugar and changes the flavor of the dough.

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If you have ever eaten at Cracker Barrel you know they have delicious meals, and well this Cracker Barrel meatloaf copycat recipe is the perfect replica of my favorite meal there. I could eat it at least once a week if not more.  This ground beef dinner recipe is nowhere near complicated to make and ...

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