Sweet & Spicy Gochujang Roasted Chicken


I love chicken and this is probably one of my favorite ways to have them. The gochujang sauce is so simple to make. All you need is a little bit of marinade time so I normally put it together the night prior and pop it in the oven the following night. I seem to always have a surplus of left over rice from my Chinese food take out so I normally make this dish over a bed of rice. It may seem like couple extra steps, but it's all very simple and once it's done, you will have a complete meal, ready to go! Should you decide to go that route, add about 1/2cup to 2/3 cup (depending on the pan size and amount of rice) of chicken stock in to the rice. This will prevent the rice from drying up too much in the oven. You may need to add about 5 minutes of cooking time as the and will also want to flip the chicken at least couple of times so that it will cook evenly.

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