Swiss Steak


Swiss Steak…Cooking beef in tomato sauce with root vegetables produces an amazing concoction that is full of flavor and absolutely delicious. It's my favorite way to eat beef. The root vegetables release their flavors into the sauce transforming it into liquid gold. I can eat the sauce without the steak in it over rice for leftovers and be just as happy as I was with the steak in it. Beef and tomato sauce were made for each other. The beef adds a wonderful depth of flavor to tomato sauce. I think my favorite veggie in this recipe is the carrots. They add a natural sweetness that tames the acidity in the tomato sauce without adding sugar. As with all recipes, tweak the finally product to your liking. Taste and add a little more beef flavoring in the form of bouillon if you think it needs it or a dash more Worcestershire Sauce if you think it necessary. It's all good, it's how we make a recipe ours. Enjoy!

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