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Homemade Banana Pudding has 5 ingredients and is made with ingredients you probably have on hand right now! There’s no need for pudding mix! #DairyMonth
Pimento Cheese Mac and Cheese take a bechamel and adds the southern favorite cheese spread. It makes for a delicious macaroni and cheese with a creamy and salty kick. #NationalDairyMonth
Marinated Green Beans are a simple and delicious make ahead side dish that tastes better the longer it marinates! #BBQWeek #ad
Kimchi Slaw is a delicious twist on your regular slaw. Depending on the kimchi, it could be a deliciously spicy or completely unique side dish for your backyard barbecue. #BBQWeek #coleslaw #sidedish
Sweet and Spicy Smoked Wings are so easy and so worth the time it takes to make them. The smoky flavor combined with the spicy marinade and delicious spices make for irresistible wings.
Chorizo and Egg Breakfast Tacos have such delicious flavor! From the slightly spicy chorizo to the fresh chimichurri these tacos have so much flavor. #OurFamilyTable

Mai Tai Margarita
Mai Tai Margarita has the flavors of the tropical Mai Tai and refreshing margarita. Take a fresh margarita and add grenadine, coconut rum, and dark rum for delicious layers. #OurFamilyTable
Let your slow cooker do the work with this delicious Slow Cooker Spanish Red Pepper Stew. It's a Spanish version of a cacciatore! #slowcooker #stew #easyrecipe #chickenrecipe
Meatball Lasagna has layers of homemade Italian meatballs with sauce and ricotta with Parmesan. #OurFamilyTable
Butternut Squash Gnocchi are simple to make and has a rich flavor from the ricotta and butternut squash.  #FallFlavors

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