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Sailor's Delight is an easy Codigo tequila cocktail. Red sky at night sailors delight is what these fruity alcoholic drinks are about. 
Cherry Lime Rickey is part of the gatsby food! These cherry drinks is an updated retro drink, the lime rickey. This rickey cocktail is a blast from the past!
Blood Orange Margarita is a citrus margarita. This cocktail with blood orange has a deep wine color that you will love. Try this blood orange drink today!
The Holly Jolly Rita is a Christmas margarita.  These Christmas cocktails are full of amaretto flavor, If you want drinks with amaretto, here is a margarita!
Dumante Italian Eggnog Martini is a special eggnog martini that features the pistachio liqueur Dumante Verdenoce. This Christmas martini will be your favorite.
Tis the SeasonTini is a Christmas martini. This holiday cocktail has flavors of Pomegranate, Citrus, and a touch of whipped cream!
Sparkling Snowfall Cocktail is easy Christmas cocktails inspired by the Italian soda! These Italian cocktails have vanilla vodka for wonderful Christmas drink!
Dark Cherry Fireside Cider is an easy slow cooker Christmas wine. This cherry cider is perfect winter cocktails to sip on a chilly winter evening.
Chocolate Wine Smoothie is a chocolate smoothie recipe that happens to have wine in it! If you want Easy smoothie recipes, then this wine smoothie is perfect.

Apple Pie Shot {Fireball Whiskey Recipe}

The Apple Pie Shot is the perfect fall drinks! This apple cider cocktail tastes just like apple pie. You'll love these drinks with fireball.

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