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This is the best carrot cake ever! This cake is incredibly moist and includes freshly grated carrots, crushed walnuts, and homemade cream cheese frosting, which make all the difference.
Try this blueberry sangria, infused with cinnamon. This is a perfect drink for summer entertaining, sitting on the deck, or laying by the pool
I really love this salad for its simplicity, amazing flavor and color, high fiber content, and versatility. Perfect alone, as a dip, or on top of salad greens! Everyone will love it!
Italian easter pie, also known as pizza rustica, pizza ripiena, and pizzagaina is typically made on Good Friday and served on Easter Sunday.
Italian easter bread recipe for feather light and tender bread directly from South Philly, a recipe that is not so secret anymore:)
Giorilli is considered to be one of the best panettone bakers in the world!! To quote the original recipe website, "This panettone is light as a feather, an enchanting, aromatic, fragrant and infinitely good unfriendliness."

Utica Greens
This Central NY specialty is a favorite and for good reason! It's a spicy take on escarole (with hot peppers) that you can enjoy as a side dish, main meal, or even with eggs and toast in the morning!
This Israel eggplant is one of the best eggplant dishes I have ever eaten! Amazingly healthy, full of vegetable goodness, this one is a must try!!

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