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Sometimes getting vegetables into my family is an incredibly hard task, but these Ground Turkey Lasagna Stuffed Peppers makes it easy! I am dealing with picky eaters who only love carrot sticks and ranch dip. I have been trying to introduce vegetables in different ways at dinner and this recipe for stuffed peppers did the ...

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Salisbury Steak Recipe

This delicious Salisbury steak recipe is a go-to favorite family dinner recipe, especially on our busy nights during the week. This recipe makes one of the best flavored Salisbury steak you’ll ever have.    Do yourself a favor and make sure you make this budget-friendly dinner when you are low on groceries at the end of ...

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Have you been looking for great meals to use in your new Instant Pot? Well look no further, this Instant Pot Chicken Caesar Sandwich recipe will become a favorite weeknight dinner recipe. I personally LOVE meals that are easy and quick to throw together and this is exactly that! Ingredients Needed to make Instant Pot ...

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This delicious grilled honey mustard chicken recipe has quickly become a favorite summer dinner recipe. It is extremely easy to prepare and make and still produces a wonderfully tasty and flavorful piece of grilled chicken. If you are looking for a picky eater approved, and kid-friendly dinner, this one will work great! Our kids love ...

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Baked Chicken Fajitas Recipe

These baked chicken fajitas are a favorite chicken recipe in our house. I am always looking for amazing chicken breast recipes and this oven-baked fajitas in one pan is amazing.    Chicken fajitas are not always the healthiest but this is definitely a wonderfully healthy chicken fajitas recipe that everyone will love. You can make it ...

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