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Fresh not frozen Spinach and Black Bean Enchiladas have a spicy filling with tasty fresh spinach, beans, and tender rice with a kick from my favorite fajita spice.   Have you ever craved Mexican food?  Heck, if you’re MY readers then of course you have.  Cause y’all are just like me, right?  No?  Mkay.   Well, I crave Mexican food.     Cheesy, rice-y, bean-y Mexican food that just fills your tummy with hearty, comfort food goodness.  But, our schedule just doesn’t allow me to cook chicken or even beef before assembling enchiladas and then baking them.  If we’re lucky,
Crisphy phyllo dough is the wrapper for this vegetable version of the popular dish. Portobello Wellingtons are hearty enough for te most devout carnivores in your life.   How is it that Potbelly is in the spell check but portobello isn't?  Really?  Sometimes I am just baffled by spell check.  Here and with Word.  Sometimes I just have to shake my head at it.   It's just been one of those weeks, ya know?  *disclaimer has been drinking*  It was a drink my dinner day.  I was one email and one spreadsheet away from crawling under my desk and crying.

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