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Spinach Baked Eggs may sound plain, but they're definitely are anything but that!  Eggs are baked in delicious and flavorful creamed spinach and topped with Parmesan cheese. Serve with garlic toast for a special brunch or #meatfree dinner.
With all the flavors of traditional colcanon, this Colcanon Hash with Fried Eggs is deliciously simple and whips up in no time! It's the perfect breakfast for dinner meal any night of the week. #OurFamilyTable
Crisphy phyllo dough is the wrapper for this vegetable version of the popular dish. Portobello Wellingtons are hearty enough for te most devout carnivores in your life.   How is it that Potbelly is in the spell check but portobello isn't?  Really?  Sometimes I am just baffled by spell check.  Here and with Word.  Sometimes I just have to shake my head at it.   It's just been one of those weeks, ya know?  *disclaimer has been drinking*  It was a drink my dinner day.  I was one email and one spreadsheet away from crawling under my desk and crying.
Be it a fusion of Japanese and Chinese, or just an American’s attempt at Asian food, Peanut Ginger Stir-Fry Over Soba Noodles is crunchy, tasty, peanut-y, wholesome fillingness that is a #MeatlessMonday meal.   Okay. So, I’m not very “up” on the whole Asian foods thing. With that being said, I will apologize in advance if I mislabel something or call it something it’s not or combine ingredients that aren’t supposed to go together. I know there is history and tradition to the Asian cooking experience that I know nothing about. I just know what I like and what I
Pasta with Saffron Pepper Sauce is no longer in #Bogota but it IS in my kitchen! #copycatrecipe #FarmersMarketWeek
A hearty and meat free version of the traditional classic, Mushroom and Lentil Cottage Pie won't have you missing the meat.  It's packed with hearty goodness and tons of flavor!   S and I do a meat free meal one night a week.  It happens to be Monday, for #MeatlessMonday.  There are many movements, like #SundaySupper but meatless, that promote eating one meatless meal a week.  Even Paul McCartney - ya in the BEATLES Paul McCartney - has a meat free website.  Imagine that! I don't know why we started doing a meatless meal.  Well, I don't REMEMBER why.

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