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Have you been looking for great meals to use in your new Instant Pot? Well look no further, this Instant Pot Chicken Caesar Sandwich recipe will become a favorite weeknight dinner recipe. I personally LOVE meals that are easy and quick to throw together and this is exactly that! Ingredients Needed to make Instant Pot ...

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Big Mac Sliders Recipe

I’ve always loved Big Macs.  I think that special Big Mac sauce is what makes them so good!  I don’t go to McDonald’s much anymore, but every once and a while I crave a good Big Mac! After I made our Homemade Copycat Big Macs, I thought I would try to make a fun slider ...

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Bacon Infused Burgers Recipe

These Bacon Infused Burgers are no joke. The bacon is literally mixed in with the beef and it has has one of the most wonderful tastes to it. These burgers taste amazing and go perfectly with any topping. My husband and I love grilling pineapple and putting it on, but my sister loves swiss cheese ...

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French Dip Sliders Recipe

These French Dip Sliders are the perfect weeknight meal or game day snack.  With buttery rolls, creamy horseradish sauce, juicy roast beef and melted cheese you can’t go wrong. These French Dip Sliders are a must try. They are so easy to make and perfect for busy nights when you are in a crunch. They ...

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Classic Egg Salad Recipe

Classic Egg Salad will always be a staple at our house. Egg salad sandwiches are always popular around Easter because we usually have a fridge full of hard boiled eggs, but this recipe is wonderful year-round. Hard Boiled Egg Tips: A lot of people think that hard boiling eggs is a tricky and complicated process. ...

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Slow Cooked Pulled Pork

Photo by Viana Boenzli

You can make the easiest, tastiest slow cooked pulled pork you've ever had at home with three ingredients.

4-1/2 lb pork roast
3 Tbsp kosher sea salt
3 Tbsp granulated sugar
3 Tbsp neutral cooking oil
1 onion ( cut into three pieces )


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