Wood-Fired Striped Bass Recipe


First, make sure your sea bass is cleaned and prepared – scale, gut and remove the gills from the fish. Personally, I like to trim the fins off because they usually will burn. Next, add a few slits to the gills. Remember to follow the gills, but don't cut all the way through. This will help cook the fish from the inside out. Season the cavity of the fish with salt and pepper, then blend fresh thyme, garlic herbs, and lemon pieces and place them in the cavity. Add a few lemon slices behind the gills and some fresh herbs in the front part of the fish. Now, your whole black sea bass is ready to be cooked.

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Anything cookies and cream is my favorite! Cookies and with oreo cookies in the dough, well that’s just heaven on earth. Just another reason this recipe using oreo cookies needs to go on your MUST make list. If you have looked for cookies and cream cookies on Pinterest, you will find ours to be the ...

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