Easy Rotel Casserole


All this meal calls for is ground meat {I used chicken but you can use beef or turkey} tortilla chips, a can of Rotel, re-fried beans,sour cream, cheese and some spices! Super easy and all in your cupboard right now. You could even leave out one step and just dump the beans in the meat mixture and that will be even Quicker. Hooray for Fun Mexican Night! I use the original flavor of Rotel but feel free to jazz it up or tone it down with Mild to Hot! There is a flavor for everyone! We dug into

1 lb of ground meat of your choice {beef, chicken, turkey}
1 package of Taco Seasoning
16 oz can re-fried beans
1/2 cup sour cream
3 cups Tortilla Chips broken up
1 can Rotel tomatoes and chile's {any heat level that you like} drained
1 cup shredded Cheese blend
pre heat the oven to 350 in a skillet cook your meat til no pink shows. If you use Chicken or Turkey there is no need to drain the grease add the packet of Taco seasoning while the meat is browning in a sauce pan heat the re-fried beans and sour cream {this step can be eliminated and just toss the beans and sour cream in the meat} spray a 9x11 or similar baking dish with non stick spray layer the chips the beans and the meat {if you mixed the beans and meat together just layer the mixture on top of the chips} then spread the Rotel on top sprinkle on the cheese and bake for 30 min serve with extra chips and salsa!


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