Hillbilly Salad


This is a dish like no other. Works great as a side dish or just by itself. I grew up eating a version of this salad and still yet love it. Think salad marries comfort food. It's a southern twist to a salad!

4 Cups of fresh leaf lettuce (such as Simpson)
3 green onions
1 lb. of fried bacon (crispy)
grease saved from 1 lb. of fried bacon
1 Cup of milk
1 pan of cornbread
Salt and pepper to taste
To begin with, in a medium sized skillet cook 1 lb. of bacon until crispy. Set bacon to the side and let drain and cool. Now leave your bacon grease in the skillet and set aside for a moment. Now Wash and drain your lettuce. Put into a salad bowl. Roughly chop 3 green onions and toss into lettuce. Put your skillet with your bacon grease over medium heat and heat your bacon grease just a minute or two until warm. Next add 1 cup of milk slowly to the skillet with the bacon grease and whisk. Add salt and pepper to taste and continue whisking frequently about 5 minutes or until starting to bubble and heated through. Then turn heat to low and simmer while preparing dishes. When your ready place a piece of cornbread into a single serve bowl, then add about a cup of your lettuce and onion salad directly on top of your cornbread. Spoon over the bacon grease and milk dressing onto the lettuce and cornbread. Finally crumble a piece or two of bacon right on top. You have now got yourself a bowl of hillbilly salad.


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