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Irish Meat Hand Pies


So cute huh? These were the perfect lunch the next day with a green side salad. The mini pot pies are just as portable as the meat pies. Taken to work in your lunch or just to serve as heavy after school snack these mini pot pies are just as good on their own!

2 packages Pillsbury Pie Crusts
1/2 large onion diced
2 russet potatoes peeled and diced
2 carrots diced
2 celery sticks diced
1 lb (or more) chuck or round steak cubed
Salt, Pepper, onion and garlic powders to taste (not sure what your taste is go with 1 tsp each)
1 egg beaten
In a skillet combine onion, celery potatoes, carrots, salt let the veg sweat and soften up a little once sweated add the meat in and the pepper, onion and garlic powders let cook for 3 min (taste and adjust seasoning as needed) remove skillet and let the mixture cool. (I placed it in the fridge. The heat will melt and turn your crust soggy. So chilling is important. roll out each round of the pie crust (2 packages make 4 rounds) Place the dessert dish and trace with a paring knife gather up pie scrap and re roll and cut the smaller round using a saucer do this to all 4 rounds out of the package (Each round makes one complete pie with a little scrap left over for decorative cut outs and enough to make the little pot pies) Pre heat to 350 Once cool place approx 1/4 cup mixture in the center of each large pie crust circle place the smaller pie crust circle on top of the mixture roll up the sides of the larger over the edge of the smaller to complete the pie crimp with fingers to secure pierce a hole in the top to let the steam vent while cooking brush the tops and rolled sides with the beaten egg for a more golden top Gently place pies on a parchment lined baking sheet and bake at 350 for 50 min they are best served hot out of the oven but as they were designed to be portable in the 1400's you can also eat them cold. Enjoy!


6% DV

7% DV

52% DV

3% DV

14% DV