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It’s REVEAL TIME! Reveal for what?? For the….   Yes. After putting this on my calendar for the last few months I was FINALLY organized enough to actually participate in it!! Trust me. It’s on my calendar from here on out and I will make sure it’s on there for next year, too. I haven’t done enough sweets baking lately. Of course, that may all change after this weekend, but you’ll have to wait to find out about that!!   So, the 411? The Lady Behind the Curtain, a.k.a. Sheryl, has this dessert challenge. The first 10 months of the

Broccoli Apple Salad Recipe


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Does anyone else always feel so lost when they are asked to bring a side dish to any kind of potluck or party? I seem to browse the internet for hours looking for something delicious yet still a little healthy. Well good news, I have finally found my go-to! We love bringing this Broccoli Apple ...

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