Pretzel Turtle Bites


Soooooo cute! Ugh. I fell in love with these when my dear-dear friends Jessica introduced me to them a couple of years ago. I was part of a holiday recipe swap - best idea ever!- and this little gem of a treat landed in my inbox after just a few days. If you have a holiday party this weekend I highly recommend you take these along. Cheap, easy and all those salty, chocolately, caramel flavors everyone loves! Have a delicious day Yummies! xoxo

24 pretzels (I use the square ones since they hold the candy better) 24 Rolos 24 pecan halves Preheat your oven to 300 degrees Lay the pretzels out on a cookies sheet Top each pretzel with a Rolo Bake for 5...
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Scalloped Potatoes


Scalloped potatoes are all things cheesy, garlicky and amazingly delicious. This mildly flavoured, the gooey cheese-filled dish is nothing short of mouth-watering!

Its exquisite combination of flavours and delectable taste make it a very popular dish.


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