Raspberry Dark Chocolate Macarons


Raspberries and dark chocolate are a killer flavour combination in these delicate and delicious cookies!

150 g almonds (5.3 oz)
150 g icing sugar (5.3 oz)
150 g granulated sugar + 35g (5.3 oz + 1.2 oz)
120 g egg whites (divided 60g and 60g) (4.2 oz separated in 2.1 oz and 2.1 oz)
50 g water (1.8 oz)
Fresh raspberries (about 6 oz. or ½ pint or one of those little boxes)
Ganache from
227 g semi-sweet chocolate (I used the wafers) (8 oz)
¾ cup whipping cream
2 tbsp butter
To make the ganache, heat the whipping cream until the edges start to bubble. Pour over the chocolate in a bowl. Let stand for 3 minutes, then mix until incorporated Add butter and mix to incorporate. If the mixture is runny, refrigerate for 5 minute intervals until you get the desired consistency (just a bit runnier than buttercream icing). Set aside. Process almonds with icing sugar until you get a fine powder. Sift into a bowl (you may need to process it multiple times to get all the lumps out) and mix 60g of the egg whites with it until you get a paste. Add pink food colouring until you get a bright pink. It’ll mellow out when you add the meringue. Set aside. Whip the remaining 60g egg whites with 35g of sugar until almost stiff peak stage. Meanwhile, heat 150g sugar with 50g water until 230F, then slowly stream the sugar syrup into the meringue with the beater running. Whip the meringue until stiff peak or until the meringue stays inside the beater when you pull it out. Add a dollop of the meringue into the almond paste and mix to loosen it up. Then incorporate the remaining meringue, folding until you get a lava-like texture that flows in thick ribbons that’ll sink back into the batter within 20-30 seconds. Transfer to a piping bag fitted with a Wilton 12 round tip, pipe 1 inch circles on a parchment-paper lined baking sheet. Rap the sheet a 2-3 times on a table to get the bubbles out of the piped circles. Bake for 12-14 minutes (you’ll know it’s ready when you touch the domes of the shells in the oven and they don’t wobble much). Once baked, let cool on a wire rack for about 2 minutes, then gently remove from the baking sheet and let cool completely before filling. Fill by starting off with a dollop of ganache in the middle. Gently squish half a raspberry into the middle, and sandwich the other half of the macaron on top.


37% DV

85% DV

89% DV

316% DV

116% DV