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Savory Braised Oxtail in Wine

Transform this braised oxtail into something rich and succulent for an incredibly satisfying and delicious meal for the entire family. A flavorful and easy oxtail recipe that you can prepare in just an hour for your next family meal.

Oxtails are an underrated cut of meat. People tend to choose the cuts they are more familiar with. Cuts like oxtails are only used by chefs and other culinarians — who have ample time to develop flavor using time-consuming techniques. Oxtail can sometimes be hard to find except in specialty butcher shops. But, they are worth the effort. These cuts are gelatinous and have a full flavor and texture when cooked right.

Tomato puree would be a perfect addition to this recipe. It adds a depth of flavor that balances the acidity of the wine and the sweetness of the vegetables. If you prefer using the traditional way of cooking the oxtail without the use of a pressure cooker, then you can simmer the oxtail for 3-4 hours until tender.

Adding fresh herbs such as thyme, basil, and parsley would be a perfect addition. Roasting the oxtail for 1 hour before transferring to the pressure cooker, adds another dimension of flavor and creates a nice color on the oxtail's outer layer.

¾ cup flour
2 tbsp paprika
8 lbs oxtails
½ cup olive oil
2 cups beef stock
2 cup red wine
1 large onion
4 celery stalks
8 cloves garlic
2 bay leaves
1 tbsp anchovy paste
3 large carrots
¼ cup chopped oregano
1 cinnamon stick
2 tbsp red wine vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste
  1. Dice onion, celery, carrots
  2. Reserve celery leaves for garnish
  3. Start making a sauce with herbs, liquid, and oil
  4. Add spices and dry ingredients to begin to thicken the...

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