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An old favorite that hits the spot on a cold winter day.

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My mother's shepherd's pie was made just as in the recipe today, but using leftover roast meat meant it didn't need to cook for as long. The meat was flavoured with tomato sauce and Worcestershire sauce, then topped with creamy mashed potato and baked in the wood-stove. I have happy memories of our shepherd's pie and have made it often for my family with fresh lamb. You can also use minced beef and then it would be a cottage pie.

There is something about a cacciatore recipe that will always get my attention.

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A simple hunter-style chicken dish is great, as it's just set and forget. All the time is in the slow cooking. I love olives in it, although they're not really traditional. Anchovies and capers wouldn't be out of place either. I use tinned tomatoes because it's easier, but fresh peeled tomatoes are good as well.

This is chili with just the right kick!

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A recipe from the Good Food collection.

One great way to bring out the taste of Asparagus.

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Green spears of goodness are hard to improve on, but this rich buttery sauce might do the trick.

Love this recipe from down under.

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These spicy, fruit-rich buns are the best way to start Easter morning. They're great warm from the oven but, given the time they take to prove, I'd make them the day before and have them toasted with butter.
This casserole is a saute rather than a braise, and using eye fillet makes this a quick dish to cook as the tenderness of the cut reduces cooking time.

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