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Traditional huevos rancheros is a breakfast dish also referred to as eggs ranchero. This Mexican breakfast starts with a warm, charred or lightly-fried corn tortilla. It's topped with fried or poached eggs, and spicy tomato sauce or salsa fresca. A tasty spin on this classic recipe: eggs in purgatory, or huevos ahogados!

Corn tortillas
Olive oil
Refried beans
Hot sauce (or enchilada sauce)
Fire-roasted green chilies
Farm-fresh eggs
Homemade pico de gallo
Cotija cheese
Avocado slices
Sea salt and black pepper
Sprinkling of red pepper flakes
Slices of lime

Here's how to make huevos rancheros, step by step.

  • STEP 1: In a small frying pan over medium heat, add 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil. When the oil shimmers...

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HUEVOS RANCHEROS is a delicious Mexican breakfast recipe! This easy vegetarian recipe features beans, eggs and pico de gallo on top of a warm corn tortilla.
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