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An ode to the legendary Bear Claw chocolate (from Banff, Alberta), this milkshake is made with the same glorious trio of flavors - cashew, chocolate and caramel!

A scrumptious trio of cashew, caramel and chocolate!

This milkshake is deliciously thick, loaded with flavour, and is made with only 4 simple ingredients. The BEST coffee milkshake you'll ever try!

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Frozen Hot Chocolate Milkshake combines the sweetness of hot chocolate in the milkshake form! 

Coffe and frozen yogurt make this a delicious and light drink to enjoy on hot summer days.

2 1/2 cups vanilla frozen yogurt
1/2 cup strong brewed coffee ( cooled )
1/4 cup chocolate milk
2 Tablespoons mini chocolate chips
Cool Whip
chocolate syrup
Combine the frozen yogurt, cooled coffee, chocolate milk, and mini chocolate chips in a blender. Pulse until combined and the chips have been completely incorporated. Pour into 2 glasses. Top with Cool Whip...
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10% DV

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Deliciously thick and creamy milkshake made from vanilla ice cream and chocolate Nesquik powder. Top with whipped cream for a totally indulgent drink!

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This deliciously thick banana milkshake is so full of flavour, and is perfectly spiced with a hint of cinnamon and ginger. A perfect, indulgent pick-me-up drink!

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