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Pumpkin Empanadas are like a pumpkin pie in your hand. The hearty empanada dough makes these truly portable and fun to eat.
Candied Pumpkin Pie tastes like a bite of pie without all the calories! This is simply pumpkin, water, sugar, and spices #PumpkinWeek
Chorizo Cheddar Pumpkin Cornbread Muffins are not only a mouthful to say, but they're a delicious mouthful for breakfast.  Slightly sweet, slightly spicy, with a kick of sharp Cheddar makes these muffins delicious. #PumpkinWeek
These Easy Pumpkin Turnovers are so easy, you can make them on a Friday evening after work.  When you're dead dog tired!  And they're made with 5 ingredients, too! #PumpkinWeek
These Pumpkin Cheddar Pierogies are tender homemade dumplings are filled with freshly roasted pumpkin and seriously sharp Cabot cheese.  The slightly sweet pumpkin is the perfect pair with sharp cheddar cheese. #PumpkinWeek
Pumpkin Pie Macaron actually taste like pumpkin pie!! Like a real pumpkin pie with rich pumpkin flavor thanks to ground pumpkin flour in the shells and the pumpkin pie syrup in the buttercream. #PumpkinWeek
Pumpkin Oatmeal Cream Pies have that oatmeal cream pie flavor with a hint of pumpkin and spices throughout. They’re soft, chewy, and totally irresistible. #PumpkinWeek

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With just a hint of pumpkin spice flavor and pumpkin powder in the shells, these Pumpkin Cheesecake Macaron are light and delicious. #PumpkinWeek

Pumpkin Chili

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Don’t think that pumpkin is sweet! Adding pumpkin to chili adds a depth of flavor you will love. Pumpkin Chili taste like a bowl of fall comfort! #PumpkinWeek

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