Crumbs Fried Chicken

  • Crumbs Fried Chicken

This recipe is kind of the "distant cousin of KFC's ( Kentucky Fried Chicken ) recipe". Meaning?? The ingredients used are a bit similar and the taste is quite similar too. KFC used to be the only place where we got such batter dipped crispy fried chicken. But nowadays I can see many such places, in different names, but the only difference being in the first letter, like AFC (American Fried Chicken), BFC (Broasted Fried Chicken), EFC (European Fried Chicken), TFC (Tasty Fried Chi

Crumbs Fried Chicken

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14 ounces chicken breast
to taste sage
2 teaspoons pepper
1 tablespoon ginger garlic paste
1 tablespoon Lime juice
to taste oil ( for frying )


For the batter

4    tablespoons    all-purpose flour
4    tablespoons    corn flour, white
salt    to taste    water

For the coating

   to taste    bread crumbs, plain
   to taste    salted potato chips ( crushed )
   to taste    corn flakes ( crushed )



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